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Headlight Aimers

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Vision 50

Introducing the Model VA 50 Optical Headlamp Aimer from Citation!

The VA 50... The kind of quality you expect from Citation... the ease of use that makes anyone an expert in just minutes... and so affordable that it will pay for itself in just a few months. The rest will be pure profit!

And, It's Universal... will aim any headlamp... on any vehicle... any year... any make... any model... anywhere!

It's Accurate.. conforms to SAE J599. It allows for floor slope adjustment with laser accuracy (included). Built-in candela meter assists in obtaining correct aim. Pointer provides for accurate adjustments of high mounted headlamps.

It's Portable... no power required. Designed for multi-bay use.

And, It's easy to use... learn just three easy steps and become an expert in only minutes. Complete instructions included.

The VA 50 is the only aimer you'll ever need! No adapters, no future upgrades...gauranteed.

Vision 100
Professional Optial Headlamp Aimer

It's Affordable!
Just do a dozen aims a month...and the Vision 100 will be paid for in less than six months. The rest is pure profit.

It's Accurate!
It's designed to accurately aim all North American Lamps, standard or aerodynamic, large or small, rectangular or round, high or low mounted...with or without aiming pads. Aims fog lamps, too!

And It's Easy To Use!
Four simple steps is all it takes to do a professional aim...and it doesn't take a certified mechanic to do the job.

Push Button Simple!

  1. Turn the unit on
  2. Align the aimer to the vehicle...
  3. Align the headlamp to the aimer...
  4. Aim the lamp!

Additional features make the vision 100 the unit of choice...

  • Completely Portable..Uses Rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries.
  • Viewing Port...Lets the operator see the lamp pattern.
  • Floor Slope Adjustment...Provides a way to determine and compensate for floor slope.
  • Track Included...Lets operator move from side to side with ease.
  • Meets S.A.E. J600 Specifications