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Extend the life of your transmission with MEGA POWER
Transmission Service fortified with MC+
(mega power's unique Metal Conditioners)

Mega Power's Transmission Service provides the maximum protection available on the market today.. a virtual "life assurance policy" for your transmission. Each component of this two-part kit performs a special function.
Part 1: "Transmission Flush" cleans the complete transmission interior. Damaging sludge, varnish, and contaminating grime are then drained or flushed away with the worn-out fluid. During this cleaning process, moving parts are protected with MC+.
Part 2: "Transmission Cooler and Conditioner" is then added to the new transmission fluid. This special Mega Power formula with MC+ protects and revitalizes your transmission for thousands of miles of worry-free driving.
Transmission Service Benefits:
  • Extends the life of your transmission
  • Reduces friction, heat and wear
  • Improves transmission fluid circulation
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Cleans sticky shift valves for smooth acceleration
  • Conditions seals, o-rings and gaskets
  • Promotes cooler and quiter operation

F The "F" bottle is added to the crankcase. It's special cleaning agents vaporize to break down oil deposits that restrict the flow of crank case gases through the system. These components clean engine air passages as well as the emission control systems (PCV and EGR), restoring normal air flow. The bonus element in this step is MC+ - our unique Metal Conditioners. These extreme pressure, wear reducing agents impregnate the otp layer of all metal surfaces, reducing frictional drag and wear of your engine's components. The Result?...More efficient engine performance!
I The "I" bottle is introduced through the vacuum intake. It's components clean around the fuel injectors, all air and emission passages, and every valve and combustion chamber. in addition, these solvents help break up carbon deposits in the cylinders and purge the catalytic converter of harmful deposits that reduce catalyst efficiency.
The Benefit?...
Your engine breathes without hesitation, starts easier and accelerates smoother.
S The "S" bottle is added to the gas tank. This unique blend of special cleaning agents performs three critical functions. First, it helps remove deposits within the fuel delivery system, including the injectors. Second, it provides lubrication to enhance smooth injector operation. Thir it helps remove moisture in the fuel, promoting smooth engine operation. The outcome?...All around better performance and horsepower restored.