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Industrial Lubricants

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1001 > OIL TREATMENT: with MC+ This extremely effective product is added to the oil in engines, differentials, and transmissions which experience heavy load and pressure. It provides stable lubrication under the most difficult circumstances. It also prevents formation of foam and alteration of the oil's viscosity. Helps reduce oil and fuel consumption to increase power and operating efficiency. Thanks to the MC+ METAL CONDITIONERS heat and friction and reduced significantly resulting in a unique reduction of wear. This contributes to an extended vehicle life with a considerable reduction in expenses for your company. #1001 is added to for gasoline and diesel engines, differentials, and manual transmissions. Available in 1 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

4 > HI-TEMP GREASE: with MC+ An extreme pressure, heavy-duty lubricant derived from the highest quality petroleum based stocks integrated with the latest high performance additives (NLGI#2). Reduces friction, heat and wear. Extremely high film strength for a wide range of temperature resistance from -5 to 550 degrees F - will not melt or run out. Highly water resistant formula. lubrication of all bearing types in applications for bulldozers, agricultural, and industrial equipment, marine, conveyors, rollers, ovens and kilns. Available in: 14oz./400mg. Tube, 1 lb. Tub, 35lb. Pail, 120lb. Keg, 400lb. Drum.

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