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Power Steering Service

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The power steering system is one of the most neglected areas in a vehicle. In order to function properly, regular maintenance is required.

In time the power steering fluid becomes contaminated and loses its ability to lubricate effectively. This results in metal-to-metal wear, which then contaminates the system with metallic debris. This in turn leads to leaks, pump noise, and mechanical failure.

The PSF 230 is designed to flush out the old contaminated fluid and replace it with new power steering fluid.

With the new innovative PSF 230 system, this service is made easy.

Unique Features

  • Exchanges fluid in all types of power steering systems
  • Services not only "pump in/pump out" systems
  • PFS 230 is designed especially to service
  • newer vehicles that have only an
    expansion/fill tank (tank is not part of the
    circulator system - where a "pump
    in/pump out" machine does not work)
  • Virtually 100% exchange
  • Extremely fast (20-30 seconds)
  • 12 volt DC system

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