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Radiator Coolant Service

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This new system eliminates the need to have the engine running to maintain coolant temperature. During this process the engine is turned off. The RCS 530 completely removes contaminated engine coolant while simultaneously refilling the cooling system with new coolant. Keeping the cooling system full at all times eliminates air locks from occuring. RCS 530 gives you the ability to hook up to the cooling system while it is cool and not under pressure - alleviating working with hot pressurized coolant. Flushing chemicals can be used to maximize the cleaning of the cooling system. This proven thermal barrier process makes a cooling system flush and exchange, the most effective, time-saving response to cooling system service requirements.

System Features

  • No power hook up necessary - uses shop air only
  • Connects to cooling system while cool & not pressurized
  • Flushing & conditioning chemicals can be used
  • Allows for quick & easy over-flow bottle cleanup
  • Exchanges all the contaminated coolant, resulting in the best cooling system service
  • Extremely fast - only a few minutes for a complete service
  • No messy spills
  • Environmentally friendly because of capturing all the contaminated coolant
  • Used coolant tank is easily drained

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