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Rust Stop

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  • Environmentally Safe Anti-Corrosion Products
  • Certified by Canada’s Environmental Choice program
  • Manufactured to ISO14001 standards
    (Environmental Management System)

Top Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Rust Stop

  1. Do you want to add more to your Anti-Corrosion business or your current car-related business?
  2. Do you pay for an advertising program that doesn’t target your customer base?
  3. Are you paying for a warranty program that you don’t need?
  4. Ever have a warranty claim rejected and told you didn’t apply the product properly?
  5. Has your product really been time tested for years?
  6. Do you want to buy from a middleman or directly from the manufacturer?

If you answered YES to any of the above need Rust Stop!

New dealers welcomed

  • Non-Toxic, Non Flammable, OEM Approved Quality
  • Environmentally Safe Anti-Corrosion Products
  • Used Around The World

To be part of our dealer network contact us:
Tel. 1-800-661-5058